1010 Music Eurorack Patch Cable (60cm Black)

1010 Music Eurorack Patch Cable (60cm Black)

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Use this black cable with the 1010music logo on either end of the jack to connect your 1010music eurorack modules to other modules that also use stereo minijack connections. It is a TRS cable with male stereo minijacks on either end of a 60cm/23.5″ cable. This cable can be used for connections between any two 1010music modules, and to any other modules that use a compatible mapping of MIDI signals to stereo minijack connectors. For more information on stereo minijack compatibility, read the Mini TRS Audio Jacks for MIDI Compatibility Guide.

This package contains one cable.

  • TRS cables with male 3.5mm minijacks
  • 60cm/23.5"


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