1010 Music LaserBox Eurorack Pattern Generator Module

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Eurorack Laser Controller

With laserbox, you can drive a laser by generating patterns, using premade image wave files, or via CV signals received from other Eurorack modules. You can also use external CV signals to modulate the signals sent to the laser. You can use modulation to control the shape of the wave signal, the colors, the position of the projection, and the rotation of the projection. Laserbox lets you see the impact of your tweaks on the image by displaying a preview on screen. This allows you to design your laser show while the laser is disconnected, and save the settings you like as presets.

What is Included
When you purchase laserbox, you will receive:

  • one Series 2 eurorack module with a Toolbox faceplate
  • a microSD card with laserbox firmware loaded on it
  • a eurorack powercable
  • a laserbox user guide
  • What You Need
  • Laserbox runs on the toolbox Euroshield module. You can try out laserbox by watching the on-screen preview. When you are ready to send the signal to a laser, you will need the following:

Cyclops module by LZX Industries
Laser that supports ILDA input
5 mini TS cables (patch cords)
Alternatively, laserbox could be used to drive any device that accepts +/-5 Volt CV signals for X and Y coordinates, along with R,G, and B color signals.

Firmware Compatibility
Laserbox runs on the same hardware as our toolbox module. You can easily reprogram your module to run toolbox firmware by registering at forum.1010music.com and downloading the firmware onto a microSC card. You can switch back and forth as needed, but only one firmware may run at one time.

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