Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss Eurorack Trigger Module

Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss Eurorack Trigger Module

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Pattern and rhythm creation and manipulation module for creating musically useful rhythms and patterns from a variety of inputs - it’s a module that will jam along with you.

36 algorithms in 6 sets covering Variables, Multiples, Probability, Logic, Phase and Gates with configurable CV control over all parameters.

Takes regular clocks and generates rhythmic patterns, takes rhythmic patterns and generates new patterns, takes irregular and random patterns and generates new, irregular and probability-based patterns.

The patterns can be rhythmic, continually evolving or entirely random and can be controlled and manipulated via multiple CV options.

Can also be used as a utility module to perform Clock Division/Multiplication, Phase-Shifting and Logic-related tasks.


6 HP

28 mm deep

Current Draw

53 mA +12V

35 mA -12V

0 mA 5V


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