After Later Audio Bog Eurorack Modulation Module (Swamp)

After Later Audio Bog Eurorack Modulation Module (Swamp)

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Eurorack Modulation Module

An 8HP redesign of the Erica Synths Swamp module which was originally inspired by the famous Wiard Wogglebug module. Bog has moved the smooth range switch to the front panel and added an input for the S&H circuit (commonly called the Heart input).

Newly added S&H/Heart input
Smooth range switch now on the front panel
Three random audio frequency outputs
External audio input routed to ring modulator
Three random CV outputs
Clock input and output to sync the module to your modular system
CV control over internal clock for even more extreme randomness
Skiff-friendly design and only 8HP
Thank you to Erica Synths for making their designs available and thanks to Richard Brewster for his help in testing and feedback.

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