Antimatter Audio V3KT Eurorack Quad Mixer/Panner Module

Antimatter Audio V3KT Eurorack Quad Mixer/Panner Module

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Eurorack vector CV control module

V3KT from Antimatter Audio is a vector mixer and quadraphonic panner that sports cv logic outs for maximum versatility. Taking up a mere 6hp, the module equips one’s eurorack modular synthesizer rig with an array of indispensable features. Capabilities include quadraphonic panning, vector mixing, and tactile signal distribution. Users can now combine a variety of signal sources and create dynamic movements and mixes. Whether configuring a complex panning mix, sending a single signal to four different destinations, or perpetrating vector synthesis techniques, V3KT is more than up for the task.

Combo vector mixer & quad panner for Eurorack modular synths
Can operate as vector mixer and quad panner simultaneously
Maximum of -10V to +10V input range, with auto-calibration feature for optimization with narrower CV input ranges
Four CV outputs derived from panning/mixing algorithm that correspond to level of each VCA
XY Plot and Radial CV input modes
Automatically remembers last mode and calibration settings
LED visual feedback
DC-coupled signal path for use with audio or CV sources

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