Arturia Beatstep USB Pad & Sequencer Controller w/ CV/Gate (Black)

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Desktop CV Sequencer

The Arturia BeatStep Sequencer, Black is a special edition version of the renowned BeatStep sequencer, with a limited edition black finish. The BeatStep is a compact and flexible pad sequencer/controller, loaded with an extensive array of features which include 16 assignable encoders and 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads. This powerful sequencer provides you with the ability to trigger clips within a DAW, control virtual drums, and sequence both software and hardware instruments thanks to the USB, MIDI and CV/Gate outputs. Additionally, the BeatStep Sequencer comes complete with CV cables for connecting to outboard synths and other equipment.

Step Sequencer
Once in SEQ mode, the BeatStep pads become toggles for each step in your sequence. The 16 encoders allow you to adjust the pitch for each associated step, while 16 memories provide you with the ability to instantly recall your favourite patterns. The pad scale modes, sequence playback modes and time division functions deliver unparalleled creative freedom and are perfect for realtime performance changes. Complete with MIDI, USB and CV/GATE connectivity, the BeatStep sequencer is compatible with all of your existing gear; including analog synths, software instruments and MIDI hardware.

Percussion Controller
Boasting 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads, the Arturia BeatStep is the perfect percussion controller instrument. The ultra-sensitive pads produce incredibly dynamic performances while the 16 encoders can be assigned to adjust various parameters for further real-time control over your drum sounds.

Versatile Control Surface
The BeatStep pads can be configured to send MIDI note on/off messages, MMC commands, Program and Bank changes, or serve as MIDI CC buttons. Featuring 16 encoders, 16 pads/buttons and 16 presets, there are as many ways to use BeatStep as there are live gigs and studio environments. This powerful control surface has the capability to trigger clips in Ableton Live, or adjust the effects in your favour DJ software via the encoders. Additionally, the transport buttons can be used as MMC controls and to send MIDI CCs to start and stop your DAW. Using an iPad and a camera connection kit (sold separately), you can turn BeatStep into one of the most flexible iPad app controllers ever.

16 backlit pads - velocity and pressure sensitive
Red = Control mode
Blue = SEQ mode
16 assignable encoders with 2 modes (MIDI CC and NRPN/RPN)
Transport controls
Send MIDI clock with Stop/Start (internal sync)
Send MMC Play and Stop messages
Data Encoder
Volume MIDI CC#7 - Control mode
Rate - in Sequence mode
Sequence Transpose - SHIFT + Data Encoder
Kensington Lock port
16 user presets
Multiple pad modes - Note data, MIDI CC data, Program Change with Bank select
Step Sequencer with 16 user step sequences
Four playback modes
1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 time divisions
Internal or external sync
Direct MIDI channel selection
Pattern length = 1-16 steps
Sysex functions - Swing 50 - 70 , Gate Time, Legato playback, User Scale setting
Mini USB connectivity
3.5mm MIDI output and 3.5mm CV & Gate outputs

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