Bastl Instruments Cinnamon Eurorack State Varible Filter Module (Metal)

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Eurorack filter module

voltage controlled state variable filter
Cinnamon is a very unique sounding filter. The presence of drive and character switches makes it a multi-flavoured spice for your sound !


voltage controlled cutoff frequency
CV input with attenuator
volt per octave CV input
audio input with gain control
drive switch to overdrive the input of the filter • low pass output (12db/oct – 2-pole)
band pass output (6db/oct – 1-pole)
high pass output (12db/oct – 2-pole)
resonance control
character switches to change the resonance response (character switches might break V/Oct tracking)
with maxed resonance works as an oscillator (0°,90° and 180° phased sinewave at LP,BP and HP outputs)
character switches change the waveform when self-oscillating and might also break the V/Oct tracking

technical details

5HP width
PTC fuse and diode protected 16pin power connector • 35mm deep
current consumption: +12V: <30mA, -12V: <30 mA

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