CoverUp Stands Korg NTS-1 Custom Kit Case

CoverUp Stands Korg NTS-1 Custom Kit Case

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NTS-1 Case 

From 3D files released by the brand, we designed a kit for the Korg NTS-1 synthesizer.

It consists of 3 pieces:

Sides - Screw one on each side of the chassis, using the original screws. Tilt the synthesizer to make it easier to access functions. Each side has two rubber feet to prevent it from slipping.

Faceplate - this cover protects the components of the NTS-1 that are visible on the main board.
The display and knobs are protected on the sides, while the rest of the cover with a retro look, reveals inscriptions and functions of the synthesizer.
It is also screwed in using original holes and screws.

Cover - To protect your NTS-1 from dust, pets and in transit.

Knobs are not included.


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