Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot Acid Synth & Sequencer (Black)

Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot Acid Synth & Sequencer (Black)

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Limited edition Black version of the TT-303 acid machine.

Limited Edition Black Model

Bass Bot is an intelligent sequencer featuring 21st century transistor technology. An analogue, monophonic synthesizer with classic step entry programming by the user or Bot computer-generated patterns. Seven unique preset personality programs, capable to generate up to 224 read only computer generated presets by the Bass Bot. An additional 224 Write Editable Patterns can compose up to 7 songs of up to 127 bars. All information is saved to on-board flash (permanent) memory and transferable directly to other Bass Bots via 8 DIN cable, (unit cloning) or to PC/MAC (backup) computers for storage with a downloadable transfer application available.

*Supplied with Euro two pin to UK three pin adapter*

Monophonic selectable (saw, square) VCO with 24db 4 pole analogue filter
User or Bot generated programmable patterns
MIDI IN by default / MIDI IN and OUT (with provided splitter cable)
13 Colour LED display with user definable console and individual pattern labeling
Auto Tune and VCO calibration on demand
Generate new patterns using one of seven unique personality algorithms
Mutate Patterns to create infinitely complex pattern structures and variations
Live Pitch Transpose (+/- 1/2 step pitch), Live Accent (velocity) & Live Slide (portamento)
Pattern Rotation (left or right) one step in time
Complex file manipulation of pattern banks using Copy & Paste
Merge up to 8 patterns to one pattern (maximum 64 steps)

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