Dove Audio WTF Eurorack Oscillator Module

Dove Audio WTF Eurorack Oscillator Module

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Eurorack Oscillator Module

Achieve never-before-heard waveforms. The Dove Audio WTF Oscillator Module (Eurorack) is a highly unique oscillator module. It works by morphing between two waveforms to create it's a new waveform out of the two.

The control panel features a large LCD display which provides visual indication of what your waveform looks like. This helps to visualise your sound and aid in sound design. The controls allow you to modulation the window width with CV. It also allows you to toggle the Front and Rear waves as well as fine tuning and coarse tuning.

The WTF Oscillator Module also includes a wide range of patch points, including dedicated connection for the Front and Rear waveforms.

Window Transfer Function Module
The WTF Oscillator Module provides a new way to create waveforms. WTF stands for Window Transfer Function. It works by generating two standard waveforms (for example Sine and Square). It places one waveform in front of the other, with the Window Transfer Function creating a gap between the waveforms as you wish. The two waveforms combine to create a new tone, delivering a highly unique sound that was previously unobtainable.

Dove Audio have also included a ‘dual’ window mode. This allows you to two open two separate windows for added flexibility, adding to your ability to create new tones. You can even invert the rear waveform for more complex sonic tonality. The Front wave, Rear wave and Window width all features independent control via CV. It also includes a tuneable noise function which you can use to further your sound design capabilities.

LCD Display and Control Section
The compact Eurorack module features an integrated LCD display. The LCD display allows you to see your controls in action, providing visual monitoring for your waveforms. The display shows you how you are affecting your waveform, showing red and blue colour waves for the Front and Rear waveforms. The white waveform represents the combined version, showing you exactly what it looks like.

The ergonomic control section features large precision knobs for dialling in parameters. The Front wave control section features Front, Modulation and FM control for shaping your waveform. The Rear controls are comprised of Rear, Modulation and Fine parameters. Using these controls, you can easily switch between waveforms and create your unique tones. The middle section controls the WTF waveform, providing you with Width, Modulation and Pitch controls.

Versatile Analog and CV Connectivity
The compact yet robust design features a sleek black faceplate with colour co-ordinated controls that correspond to the LCD display. In addition to the main control panel, the module features three switches. A noise switch is available for the rear waveform. It allows you to tune the noise with ease, ranging from chip-tune style noise to classic white noise.

The module also features a wide range of patch points for use with external modules and synth. Front, Width, Rear, FM V/Oct and Output connections are included which can be used for a variety of applications. You can even control you waveforms from an external source, opening up another layer of complexity when it comes to sound design.


  • Unique module for morphing waveforms
  • Combines two waveforms and open a gap/window to create a unique waveform
  • Modulate the window using the Width control with CV connectivity
  • Change the front and rear waveforms with an external CV source
  • Dual switch for creating two windows instead of one
  • Invert option for inverting the rear waveform for added sonic potential
  • Integrated LCD display provides visual monitoring for your waveforms
  • Tuneable Noise generator spans from chip-tune style noise to classic white noise
  • Precision attenuators for optimal control
  • Colour-coded parameters match the waveforms
  • Available in both Eurorack and MU format
  • Designed by Paula Maddox
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