Elektron Analog Four MKII Synth & Sequencer w/ CV/Gate (PRE ORDER)

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Elektron Analog Four MKII Synth & Sequencer w/ CV/Gate (PRE ORDER)

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Elekton take everything that was good about the Analog 4...and make it better!



The Elektron Analog Four MKII is the latest version of its highly regarded predecessor. With new additions and features, the Analog Four MKII delivers exceptional sound quality through its four voice design and rugged construction. Providing excellent response from its durable buttons and high-resolution encoders, the Elektron Analog Four MKII enhances your sound design and production capabilities in a variety of ways. The synthesizer also comes Overbridge enabled for enhanced versatility and powerful sound generation. With a new set of design features and aesthetic qualities, the Analog Four MKII sets a new standard for premium-grade professional synthesis.

New Sonic & Aesthetic Design

The Elektron Analog Four MKII is a step up from its predecessor with a whole host of new design features and a sleek new look. A sharp OLED screen and backlit buttons that are rated for up to 5 million presses provide excellent feedback and response in a variety of different environments. High resolution encoders deliver precise parameter control, whilst the expression and CV inputs allow you to adjust settings externally with your choice of accessories. A cast aluminium enclosure ensures incredible durability, making the Analog Four MKII a road-ready production tool perfect for any music style. Thanks to an increased amount of dedicated buttons and controls, the Analog Four MKII enables significantly quicker workflow compared to the MKI, and stereo outputs are provided for each voice to further enhance the sound quality and sonic versatility of the device.

Elektron Overbridge

Overbridge integrates Hardware and software like never before. The versatile integration software bridges the gap between your Elektron analog hardware and your music studio software through a single USB connection. Overbridge is compatible with most popular DAWs such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, Bitwig, Studio One, and various others. Enjoy, experiment and explore your sound manipulating capabilities with this new crossover technology.

Overbridge Features

Full VST/AU control: Thanks to Overbridge, the Analog range of Elektron machines can be deeply integrated with PC and Mac computers. The customized and machine specific software plugins, available in VST and AU formats, give direct parameter access over USB and allows efficient DAW based sound editing and sequencing. Overbridge merges the functionality of software plug-ins with the unmatched sound of analog hardware.
Bi-directional USB audio streaming: Overbridge makes multi tracking easy. Connect a USB cable and record multiple Elektron machine voices to separate DAW tracks in 24 bit quality. Or send audio from a DAW, process it with the analog circuitry of the Elektron machines and bring back the results to a new DAW track all over a single USB cable and without timing issues. Overbridge even allows the Analog range of machines to be used as multi-channel USB sound cards.
Total recall: Management of analog sounds and sequences has never been easier. Any adjustments made either directly on the Elektron hardware or via the software plug-in can be automatically recalled when loading a DAW project. Overbridge offers ultimate convenience when handling Elektron machine data.

Existing Equipment Integration

Whilst the Analog Four MKII provides incredible sound completely by itself, it's also the perfect addition to any existing setup. With CV/Gate and DIN Sync outputs, you have the ability to seamlessly couple the Analog Four with both modern and legacy synthesizers for incredible sonic flexibility. The MKII also features Expression and CV inputs for use with other gear, giving you complete external control over the parameters of your Analog Four. Analog patches can also be stored and recalled at any time. Gone are the days of tedious and time-consuming recreation of your favourite patches, or filling in blank sheets to notify yourself of the exact parameter settings to get that specific tone back. The Analog Four MKII retains the instant and direct workflow of the MKI, whilst building on that workflow speed with a huge array of new dedicated control buttons.

Perfect For Live & Studio Use

The Analog Four MKII includes all necessary features for use in both studio and live situations. Equipped with a live-friendly sequencer, the Analog Four can be used to sequence high quality and responsive synth-lines in an instant. You can also sequence the device from external sources via the unit's CV/Gate inputs. The Analog Four MKII also features four 1/4'' CV/Gate outputs, allowing it to integrate perfectly with your other equipment too. Sequencer lines can be instantly changed for interesting and dynamic movement within your music, giving rise to exceptional improvisation capabilities in any environment. With a whole host of inputs and outputs, the Analog Four MKII is at home in both studio and stage setups.


Analog Voices:
Four synthesizer voices that each contain:
Two Analog Oscillators
Two Sub-Oscillators
One Noise Generator
One Four-Pole Analog Low Pass Ladder Filter
One Two-Pole Analog Multi-Mode Filter
Two Assignable LFOs
One Amp Envelope
Two Assignable Envelopes
Polyphony: Four Voices
Multitimbrality: Four Part
Unison: Up To Four Note Playback
Send FX: Chorus, Delay, Reverb
Sequencing: CV/Gate Sequencing Possible, Built-In Elektron Sequencer (Live-Friendly)


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