Equinox	VCA Euroack Module

Equinox VCA Euroack Module

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Eurorack VCA Module

Sound quality is at the very heart of everything we do at Equinox Synth. With cost in mind we could have designed a very cheap VCA, however this is not how we do things. The Equinox VCA is based on the very high performance THAT Corp 2181 Blackmer trimmable VCA ICs, often found in top end studio hardware. We have kept component count to a minimum to ensure the audio signal path is kept as clean as possible.

The two controls on the Equinox VCA are for overall volume and the CV Depth. The CV input controls how much the signal is attenuated or amplified, this would usually be controlled by an envelope generator, such as the Equinox ADSR. This gives the artist control over how the amplitude or volume of a sound evolves over time. From hard hitting kicks to gently evolving pads, the VCA is the primary module for precise volume control.

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