Erica Synths Fusion VCO Eurorack Oscillator Module

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Erica Synths Fusion VCO Eurorack Oscillator Module

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Erica Synths Fusion VCO is special kind of VCO – it fuses great tuning of digital VCO with warm, unique sound of vacuum tubes that work in suboscillator circuit.

Two double triodes in bistable latch connection act as suboscillators: -1 and -2 octaves with plenty of mixing opportunities for amazing sonic results. External audio signal can replace internal VCO. If you wish to go really low frequencies and have a sound that sets your modular system apart from mass – this is exactly module, you need!


  • 3 basic waveforms (sine, triangle and pulse) with VC morphing, for example, triangle morphs from sawtooth to ramp
  • Good 1V/oct tuning for 8 octaves
  • Vacuum tube based suboscillators -1 and -2 oct
  • Manual and CV controlled -1/-2 oct mixing
  • Adjustable suboscillator waveshape
  • Dry/Wet (VCO/suboscillators) mixing
  • Passive Lowpass filter for extreme subbass sound
  • Audio input

Technical specifications:

  • Audio input signal level: up to 20V ptp
  • Output signal level: 10V ptp
  • VCO range: C1 – C8
  • Power supply: bipolar +-12V , eurorack standard and Erica Synths 6VAC PSU
  • Tube heater PSU configuration: 60mA@+12V, 30mA@-12V, 300mA@6VAC
  • Eurorack PSU configuration: 215mA@+12V, 185mA@-12V (NB – start-up power consuption for few seconds is +-250mA)
  • Module width: 24HP
  • Module depth: 35mm

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