Erica Synths Pico Noise Eurorack Module

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Erica Synths Pico Noise Eurorack Module

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Eurorack Noise/ Percussion Module



Pico NOISE is a versatile noise and percussion sounds source. It consists of white a noise generator, a resonant VCF to generate various colours of the noise – from extremely dark ones to high pitched resonant sweeps and a VCA/decay envelope generator combination to create range of percussion sounds to emulate hi-hats, cymbals and even sine tone-based percussions, when the resonance is full up.
White noise generator
Resonant VCF for coloured noise
VCA and decay envelope combo for percussion sounds
Input and output protection against overvoltage
Protection against reverse PSU connection
Technical specifications:

Output amplitude -5V — +5V
Max decay time 350ms
Power consumption +27mA, -25mA
Module width 3HP
Module depth 35mm


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