Eventide DDL Eurorack Delay Module

Eventide DDL Eurorack Delay Module

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Eurorack Digital Delay Module

The EuroDDL delay for Euroack is the perfect companion for synthesis and any other instrument. Designed for performance, the EuroDDL features external control of every feature and function. It’s designed to be played as an instrument and plays nice in the rack with Return/Send and Clock In/Clock Out. It also has been designed to sound less digital than the average delay.

Eventide’s old school design strictly limits the amount of digital circuitry to only what’s required for delay. Soft saturation clipping, low pass filter, feedback, insert loop, and +20 dB boost are all analog. Once you hear it, you'll know why this is the ultimate, most musical, Eurorack delay. This module width is 16hp.

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