Expert Sleepers MIDI Bundle (ES-9)

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Expert Sleepers MIDI Bundle (ES-9)

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A Bundle of an Expert Sleepers Module and a MIDI expansion module with switchable TRS Midi

Expert Sleepers ES-9 Eurorack USB Audio Interface Module   +£0.00
XOXO Modular MIDIXO Eurorack TRS MIDI Module (Black)   +£0.00

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Price as configured: £548.99



A Bundle of an Expert Sleepers Module and a MIDI expansion module with switchable TRS Midi


The ES-9 is a Eurorack 16-in/16-out USB audio interface, with DC-coupled inputs and outputs that can be used for both audio and CVs.

With its balanced 1/4" main outputs & headphone socket, it's the perfect one-stop solution for integrating a modular synth and a laptop/tablet, either in the studio or when playing out at a gig.

The ES-9's 14 analogue inputs allow simultaneous tracking or mixing of a large number of sound sources in your modular, while the 8 DC-coupled outputs are perfect for controlling the modular with Silent Way, Max/MSP, Abelton's CV Tools or similar, or for sending audio out to the modular for processing.

For even more outputs (up to 48 more), the ES-9 can be expanded with the ES-5*. It also has a pair of S/PDIF sockets for connecting other digital audio gear.

The ES-9 also provides a pair of MIDI sockets (via a breakout).

* The ES-9 has a dedicated pair of audio channels for the ES-5. Unlike the ES-3 or ES-8, you don't loose audio outputs when using the ES-5.


MIDIXO is a TRS MIDI Swiss Army Knife for your Eurorack synth. It's a simple, functional utility module that can help you use MIDI over 3.5mm stereo cables. It has one input and one output, both of which can be switch from "Type A" to "Type B" so they can be use with almost every product which uses TRS MIDI. This includes products from Arturia, Make Noise, Korg, Akai, Malekko, Novation, 1010 Music, ALM Busy Circuits, Pittsburg and more.
This allows you to skip the MIDI 5-pin DIN cables and MIDI dongles that manufacturers include, and just use standard 3.5mm stereo cables everywhere.

MIDIXO is friends with some excellent Expert Sleepers modules. Its simply connected to the expansion header using the included 4-pin ribbon cable. You can also pair the MIDIXO with the Expert Sleepers MIDI breakout – again using the included 4 pin ribbon cable and have two independent TRS MIDI / MIDI 5-pin DIN converters!

MIDIXO is only 2hp wide and doesn't require any power or connections on your busboard. It's a perfect utility for Expert Sleepers fans and for anyone using MIDI gear that has 3.5mm TRS jacks.


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