Folktek Modular Resist Eurorack Utility Module

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Folktek Modular Resist Eurorack Utility Module

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Folktek Expander Module



Resist is a simple 3HP module - 4 buffered potentiometers (knobs) which are routed to 4 different corresponding 3 point headers. Added control for any current or future Folktek module utilizing the header patchbay.


With Matter, Resist changes the game completely, adding a whole world of possibilities and expanding the sound and playability exponentially:

- Use the jumpers to attenuate incoming CV/gate by jumping from the CV in on Matter to Resist and then to the main 1-20 patchbay. With the simple attenuation, aspects of Matter have much more control - changes in pitch, filtering, resonance etc. over sounds that were once much more static. Send the CV to the center of the header and send two jumpers to the main 1-20 patchbay and there begins to form a matrix, thereby deepening the sound. Jump one of the points already in Resist to another header, on to the main 1-20 and it goes deeper still...

- Direct jumping from the Matter main patchbay to Resist allows Matter to become a controllable drone synth as pitch, filter, resonance, noise controls all become possible.

- Add a CV sequence to an established drone by jumping into Matter CV in and develop rich, synchronized sequenced drone.


- Jump oscillations from Conduit to Resist and back to Conduit and there are now level controls for the oscillations.

- Attenuate incoming CV controlling vactrols to adjust power and intensity.

- Attenuate oscillations jumped to the delay input (which will also add control over the envelope follower (cv out)

- Jump Conduit oscillations or delay out first to Resist, then to Matter to control Conduit levels in Matter circuitry.


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