Hexinverter Electronique Mutant Rim Shot Eurorack Drum Module

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The Mutant Rimshot is an analog rimshot and clave percussion synthesis module inspired by analog drum machines of the past. Like the other Mutant Drums, the Rimshot is capable of going above and beyond vanilla sounds. Expressive CV options, an external input and a multi-mode analog filter let you create unique percussion sounds in your modular synthesizer.
Rimshot or clave - take your pick.
Triple-oscillator analog rimshot core inspired by the legendary 909
Three modes of percussion synthesis: rimshot HI (classic), rimshot LO and clave (CLV)
Voltage control of one of the oscillators' pitch
External input to the filter lets you blend in other signal sources - wavetables and noise make for interesting percussion!
Rimshot DRIVE control acts as a volume and overdrive control for the rimshot generator
Coupled to an analog multi-mode filter
Bandpass, highpass and lowpass modes
Self-oscillation of the filter plays nicely when mixed in with the rimshot generator
Resonance clipping enabled by default. Feature can be disabled with a switch on the back of the module
Voltage controlled cutoff
Adjustable resonance
Modulation options sculpt the shape of your percussion
Eurorack-compatible control voltage inputs (0 to 5V for full modulation) with bipolar attenuverters
A practical analog trigger circuit allows activation of the Rimshot from many signal sources (anything with a positive-going edge lasting 2ms or longer). Most electronic drum pads can also directly trigger the Mutant Rimshot.
An accent input accepts analog voltage control (0 to 5V will fully modulate the volume from low to high)

8HP | 30mm DEEP | +45mA, -50mA
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