Instruo I-ō47 eurorack filter module (i-o47)

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Eurorack Multimode Filter/Resonator

I-ō47 Multimode Resonator/Filter is a modern take on a vintage design with some
extra features and quirks built in.
With CV controllable centre frequency, resonance/Q and notch offset along side FM,
strike and a complex dual input with wave shaping limiter, the I-ō47 is truly a filter for
all occasions.


• Centre frequency range 16Hz to 16KHz
• 1V/octave, Coarse and Fine frequency controls
• FM input with attenuverter
• Low pass 12 dB/octave
• High pass 12 dB/octave
• Band pass 6 – 12 dB/octave dependent on Q
• Notch with variable offset
• Input with gain control
• Inverted input with resonance dependent gain
• Strike input for pinging the filter
• Feedback switch enhances resonance and allows for self oscillation
• Limiter based on tanh wave shaper which affects primary input (post gain fader)

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