Kiwi Technics Kiwi 1000 Hardware Upgrade (Oberheim Matrix 1000)

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Kiwi Technics Kiwi 1000 Hardware Upgrade (Oberheim Matrix 1000)

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Oberhiem Matrix 1000 upgrade kit



This is an upgrade for the Oberheim M1000 rack mount synth module. This will transform the M1000 from a difficult to edit preset module with a poor midi interface into a full featured synth with some excellent features. The M1000 synth hardware is based on the CEM3396 ‘synth on a chip’ and this gives the synth a versatile set of features including multiple combined and editable waveforms on each DCO as well as PWM and VCF FM controls but will still retain the Oberheim ‘sound’. The upgrade will also replace the on board DCO master clock. The M1000 clock is a single fixed master clock that both DCOs use and this limits the range possible to about 6 octaves. The K1000 upgrade will replace the single master clock with separate clocks sources and each of these will have a range of 64’-2’. This is pushing the CEM chip to it’s limits but we feel the results are worth the effort.The Oberheim M1000 has been hamstrung with only 200 of the patches that can be edited, poor midi and a difficult patch format making editing and sound creating a challenge. We are using the experience gained with our other upgrades to redesign the M1000 to be a fully fledged synth with all the usual Kiwi features. This is not a M1000 with the midi fixed it is a completely new synth with midi as it should be. We are incorporating Oberheim tone imports but because the tone layouts are so different the conversion is not going to produce exact matches. We are also putting in imports for the K106 & K8P products and well as Roland JX8P and JX-10/MKS-70 (Tones only) which will provide a big tone library from the web to use as a starting point.


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