Korg Monotron Delay Analogue Filter & Delay Processor

Korg Monotron Delay Analogue Filter & Delay Processor

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Handheld Synth

The Korg Monotron Delay is an analogue ribbon synthesizer that is optimised for classic sound effects. The compact size and miniature built in speaker with optional battery operation makes this an ideal piece of equipment for traveling musicians looking for high quality synth effects in a portable package. A headphone output allows for private practice and sound creation or for connection to an amplifier or PA system to enhance your public performances.

The Korg Monotron Delay produces a classic analog synth sound through a dual-waveform Low Frequency Oscillator: providing the user with a square wave plus the traditional triangle wave, both of which can be individually adjusted for rate and intensity. A trimpot on the back panel can continuously adjust the shape / direction of the triangle wave or the pulse-width of the square wave to deliver even more versatility. Used in conjunction with an indispensable Space Delay ideal for swooping, cosmic sounds, the LFO can create dazzling effects and provide unique possibilities for embellishing your music.

The Monotron Delay's ribbon controller keyboard features a wide, four-octave range. This design allows the pitch to be controlled even more aggressively and dynamically. The reversed white keys and body adornments glows under black light illumination, making the Monotron Delay ideal for delivering a striking visual impact in nearly any club environment.

The Monotron Delay uses the same highly acclaimed analog filter VCF circuit as Korg's classic MS-10 and MS-20 semi modular synthesizers, coveted for their aggressive, dynamic filters. The VCF Cutoff knob sets the frequency or tone of the filter, and a peak knob adds emphasis. A powerful filter is an essential aspect of any analog synthesizer, applying dramatic tonal changes to the sound, and projecting an intense personality that will stand out in any live performance.

An AUX input jack allows you to place any audio source into the Monotron Delay's signal path, directly before the analog filter and delay circuit, providing a great way to connect a guitar or audio player and utilise the tone-bending filter and delay effect. A headphone output allows you to practice in private or connect to a PA system and perform to a crowd, and a built in mini speaker is included to complete this highly portable synthesizer package

Synthesizer structure: 1 VCO, 1 VCF, 1 LFO; DELAY
Switch: Standby / LFO "triangle" Shape / LFO "square" Shape
Knobs: LFO Rate, LFO Int, VCF Cutoff, DELAY Time, DELAY Feedback
Controller: Ribbon Controller
Volume: Headphone Volume
Aux Input: 1/8'' Stereo Jack
Headphone Output: 1/8'' Stereo Jack
Speaker:Miniature Internal; Disabled when headphones are in use
Power Supply: AAA batteries (x2), recommended alkaline batteries
Battery Life: Approximately 8 hours (with alkaline batteries)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 120 mm x 72 mm x 28 mm / 4.72'' x 2.83'' x 1.10''
Weight: 95g / 3.35 oz. (without batteries)
Accessories: AAA batteries x2 (for verifying operation)

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