Korg Volca Kick Desktop Bass Drum & Bassline Synth

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Korg Volca Kick Desktop Bass Drum & Bassline Synth

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The Korg Volca Kick Analog Kick Generator is a compact yet powerful analog kick generator features MS-20 filter oscillation as well as Drive and Tone controls. The Korg Volca Kick gives you everything you need to create high-quality kick drums, from subtle 808-based ?click? kick drums to powerful and thumping dance kicks. The Volca Kick also features a 16-step sequencer which allows you to use utilise automation of all the parameters. The Volca Kick features a comprehensive range of controls and parameters giving you full reign over every nuance of your kick drum. Additionally the unit features a headphone output for private listening and features a built-in speaker so you can create wherever you are.

Analog Kick Drum Generation

The Korg Volca Kick generates a wide range of kick sounds, giving you full control over every nuance of the kick, so you can create the desired sound you are looking for. The kick is generated by the analog circuitry, utilising the sound of the oscillating filter from the original MS-20 for that truly vintage analog sound. The Rev.1 filter of the MS-20 self-oscillates when you increase the resonance to maximum, allowing you create powerful kick drums steeped in complex overtones. Create everything from subtle bass kicks to powerful thumping 909 like kicks, ideal for creating your own sounds and keeping a step ahead of the competition. The Volca Kicks’ compact size makes it perfect for taking with you anywhere you go, ideal for live performances as well as studio sessions. Additionally the unit features battery operation and a built-in speaker, increasing its portability, allowing you to generate kick drums on the fly.

Drive and Tone Controls

To increase the control you have over your sound, Korg have included DRIVE and TONE controls that allows you affect the overtones and basic sound of the kick drum for added power and tonality. The distortion level and type can be made variable by a single knob, allowing you to dial in the amount of power required for your kick drum with ease. The tone control allows you to transform the overall character and tonality of the sound by adjusting the high-frequency range.

16-Step Sequencer

The Volca Kick also features a built-in 16-step sequencer for added versatility, giving you freedom to create your patterns and loops for live performances or to utilise within your productions. You can use the sequencer to quickly create kick drum patterns and arrangements on the fly. It also supports realtime recording, giving you freedom to perform kick bass phrases at any time. Additionally, the pattern chain function allows you to connect multiple sequence patterns for successive playback, giving you endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own sequences. The ‘Motion Sequence’ function acts as a sort of hardware-based automation, allowing you to record your rotary knobs movements, letting you add time-varying change to the sound. This is create way to create movement in your sequences and add depth your loops. Once created, you can store up to 16 sequencer patterns and sounds in the internal memory for quick recall later.

Accent, Slide and Bend Reverse

For even more control over your sounds and sequences, Korg have included three new controls. The ‘Accent’ function allows you to program accents per stop for added versatility, creating ‘glitch’ like sequences, bringing a new dynamic to your sound. The ‘Slide’ function smooths out the steps, giving you a ‘sliding’ like sound between each step, creating a connection between kicks. The ‘Bend Reverse’ function can be controlled for each to play the bend backward, reversing the kicks pitch, making it go from low to high instead for a truly unique sound. These innovative function give you even more control over your sound, adding depth and a new dynamic to your sound.

Touch FX Creates Instant Breaks, Fills And More

The new ‘Touch FX’ function strengthens the performance value of the Volca Kick, adding to its musical versatility, adding a new layer to your performances. The Touch FX allows you to trigger a sequencer effect by simply touching a step key, opening up a whole world of possibilities. You can trigger effects such as: Roll, Octave, Pitch, Sustain and more. For example triggering the ‘Roll’ will play the sound repeatedly while you have your finger on the step key, allowing you to create glithces on the fly.

Daisy-Chain Synchronisation

One of the most unique features of the Korg Volca Kick is thåe ability to connect the Volca Kick to a range of Korg’s other synths and groove machines. You can also connect multiple Volca units including the Volca Kick and experience a session with synchronised sequencer playback.


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