LEP Piattino Euroack Hi Hat Drum Module

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LEP Piattino Euroack Hi Hat Drum Module

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Eurorack Percussion Module



Even though Piattino is the Italian word for saucer, the L.E.P module of the same name cannot be used to produce UFO sounds. Instead, it is specialized in quirky drums. The sound is reminiscent of hi-hats or snares. - Or both. Two sounds with different decay times can be produced in parallel. The basic character is very, very dirty. Alternatively to producing drums, Piattino is usable as an obscure filter with deafening resonance.

Piattino features two trigger inputs. Each of them controls an envelope with release parameter. The system is meant to create closed and open hi-hats, except that the module doesn’t really sound like a hi-hat. Often the results are more reminiscent of snares or rim-shots. Frequency and resonance are available as sound shaping parameters. This shows that Piattino is actually a filter with a noise generator at the input. By sending audio material to the trigger connectors, you can use the module as a VCF with extremely trashy, weirdly resonating sound. Oh, and by the way: Self-oscillation will hurt you!


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