Livestock Electronics Felix Eurorack Buffered Mult Module

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Felix is a 1:6 or 2x1:3 buffered multiple with an attenuator or attenuverter per output. It is great for distributing a source to different parameters and controlling the gain and/or direction for a specific parameter.

However it can also be used for audio, which makes it great for creating auxiliary busses.

Finally when no source is given the module can be used as a stable voltage distributor. Really useful for creating DC offsets or macro controls!


  • ​100k Input Impedance
  • Precision components (0.1% tolerance)

​As stable voltage distributor:

  • Outputs 0 to 5V as attenuator on output.
  • Outputs -5 to +5V as attenuverter on output.


  • Height: 3U 
  • Width: 6U 
  • Depth (Back): 20mm 
  • Depth (Front): 15mm 
  • Weight: 65g 
  • Power consumption: 32mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V
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