Livestock Electronics Maze Eurorack Matrix Mixer Module

Livestock Electronics Maze Eurorack Matrix Mixer Module

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Maze is a routing and mixing matrix module. Create your own touchpad of patch presets! Each routing has been equipped with an attenuverting VCA so it can be used for signal distribution and attenuversion.

Morphing speed between presets can be changed and routings can be muted. Selecting presets is also possible via CV or triggers. This can even be done while setting routings, which allows for recording of routing creation!

The signal path is entirely analog and it is even possible to link Maze modules together to increase your matrix.


  • Buffered inputs
  • Overvoltage protected inputs
  • Linkable with other Maze modules
  • Entirely analog signal path
  • Set direction & gain per routing
  • Set multiple routings at once 
  • Mute routings
  • 16 Routing Save locations 
  • 6 Banks 
  • Morph between saves 
  • Control save locations with CV
  • Moddable with Arduino IDE


  • ​Height: 3U 
  • Width: 12HP 
  • Depth (Back): 43mm 
  • Depth (Front): 25mm 
  • Weight: 165g 
  • Power consumption: 200mA @+12V, 70mA @-12V
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