LZX Industries Andor 1 Looping Media Player (Deluxe - Black)

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Standalone video playback device

Looping Media Player
A versatile standalone media player for video art, stage production, video walls, signage, and other applications. Plays seamless video loops or shows still images, and media can be easily switched with a single keypress on a USB keyboard, MIDI keyboard, or the optional remote control. Multiple units used together can wirelessly synchronize the playback of video files across multiple screens. The Andor 1 is incredibly simple to use, but packed with professional features like an integrated playlist editor that supports interactive playlists, video wall modes with bezel compensation, MIDI control, video rotation options, and built-in video color test patterns. It's small enough to easily fit behind most TVs and monitors, and in some cases it can be powered from a TV's USB port.

The player was developed by programmer, artist, and curator Paul Slocum and is based on more than a decade of exhibiting video and digital art at his own And/Or Gallery and at other museums and galleries internationally.

Deluxe Version:

Everything included in basic version
Wireless remote control keyboard
8GB USB storage drive
3.3 ft power cable
1 ft power cable
6 foot slim HDMI cable
6 foot Audio/Composite Video cable
4x M3 wood screws for fixed installations

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