LZX Industries Liquid TV Eurorack Video Module

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Liquid TV is a compact color video monitor and preview driver for modular video synthesizers. In addition to allowing you to watch any NTSC/PAL video source inside your EuroRack, you can preview any signals in your patch before the primary video output module. Monitoring key elements of an intricate video synth composition enables a new level of control in your patches.

  • Full color, 3.5 inch LCD video display.
  • Displays any NTSC/PAL video signals or the output of the internal preview driver.
  • Internal preview driver turns any voltage in your modular synth into a valid video signal for display or output, even without any other video synthesizer modules.
  • Three separate preview channel inputs with pass through jacks.
  • The LCD display may be powered from an external 12V source to ease the drain on your EuroRack power supply.
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