LZX Industries Pendulum Eurorack Video Module

LZX Industries Pendulum Eurorack Video Module

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Behold Pendulum, an undulating maelstrom of analogue motion for your video synthesis patches. More than a dual oscillator, Pendulum delivers maximum utility with her signal crossfader and router. Fantastic as both a control voltage source and modulation effect.

2​ low​ frequency​ oscillators​ ​with​ ​sine,​ ​triangle​ ​and​ ​square​ ​out.​
Analog circuitry produces continuous waveforms with a frequency range of 45 seconds per cycle up to frame rate. Simple and classic.

2-input,​ ​2-output​ ​voltage-controlled​ ​fading​ ​and​ routing.
You can never have enough crossfaders in a video synthesizer. Pendulum’s fader has two channels which cross over each other when voltage control is applied. This enables flexible patching as a signal router/panner, dual fader, VCA, or inverted VCA.

Perfect​ ​patch-through​ ​workflow.
Pendulum’s LFOs can be mixed with the fader inputs using their dedicated mix controls. This feature allows two video rate signals to be patched through the crossfader with dedicated modulation ready to go!


  • Series Expedition
  • Functions Animation, Fader, Router, Waveform Generator
  • Width 10HP
  • Mounting Depth 32mm
  • +12V Power Consumption 80mA
  • -12V Power Consumption 65mA
  • Packaging Dimensions 6 x 4 x 59013924033 in
  • Shipping Weight 8 oz
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