LZX Industries Visual Cortex Eurorack Video Module

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LZX Industries Visual Cortex Eurorack Video Module

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Integrated master module for your Eurorack Video generation and control system



Visual Cortex is an integrated core module with all the essential functions required for modular video synthesis in the EuroRack format. Alone it is capable of a wide variety of processes: multi-format video input and output, shape and pattern synthesis, rich analog RGB color effects, master horizontal/vertical waveform and sync generation, luma and chroma keying, and much more. When extended by other video synthesis modules from LZX Industries, it serves as a powerful base station from which to expand.

The input decoder section prepares external video for processing inside the modular video synthesis system. The input is Component/YPbPr for full color analog processing. The Y input may be used by Composite video sources for monochromatic video only.

Output encoder translates any type of voltage — video, audio, CV, logic — into video signals suitable for display or recording. Outputs include Composite, S-Video and Component/YPbPr.

Sync generator produces master video synchronization for distribution throughout your system. It can genlock to an external source for synchronous processing. Timing formats include NTSC/480i and PAL/576i.

Animation and key generator is a multi-function control voltage generator and video key generator designed for controlling switching and compositing functions of the colorizer and compositor section.

Colorizer and compositor is a multi-function analog RGB processor designed to combine two sets of RGB signals into a single composite output. Blending modes include crossfading, addition/subtraction, and multiplication. Analog color effects include color inversion, RGB solarization, and a triple band linear colorizer.

Ramp generator is a synchronous waveform generator which generates horizontal and vertical waveform outputs in a variety of shapes, including sawtooth, triangle, parabolic and exponential curves. These core waveforms are used heavily for the generation of shapes and patterns.

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3 in
26 HP
Mounting Depth
1.75 inches (44.45mm)
+12V Power Consumption
-12V Power Consumption
Video Synchronization
Sync output via rear RCA jack and 14-pin Sync Distribution Bus header. Sync input via rear RCA jack or input decoder.


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