Make Noise QMMG Eurorack Multi Mode Gate Module

Make Noise QMMG Eurorack Multi Mode Gate Module

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The Quad Multi-Mode Gate is a huge riff on the original Buchla 292 Quad Lo-Pass Gate, including a Mix Out and all of the original feature set. The QMMG offers additionally: HiPass mode, Voltage Controlled Feedback, Direct Coupling and Normalizations so that multiple channels may easily be used together to create Bandpass Gates, steeper HP, BP or LP Filters or even something like a traditional Synthesizer Voice.


  • A Classic returns!
  • Vintage voiced, all analog
  • Four independent vactrol-based channels
  • Multiple modes per channel: VCA, Low-Pass Gate, Low-Pass Filter, or High-Pass Filter
  • SUM out for easy mixing
  • Flexible normalizations for easy creation of dual-peak filters, East Coast voices and more
  • Powerful feedback circuit acts differently depending on mode
  • Pairs well with MATHS and DPO


  • Width: 24hp
  • Max Depth: 32
  • Power:
    • 65mA @ +12V
    • 65mA @ -12V
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