Malekko Noise Eurorack Noise Module

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Malekko Noise Eurorack Noise Module

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The clock frequency of the digital noise generator is set with the Timbre parameter and can be voltage controlled. Turning down the control will reduce the frequency and the sound becomes raw, low-frequent and thrashy. Great as a basis for metallic drum sounds like cymbals.

The analog noise has two outputs with different color: white noise containing all frequencies and a a slightly lowpass filtered pink noise.

Last but not least there's the VLF output, a random generator which produces a fluctuating sub-audio signals (VLF = very low frequency). It is suited to modulate the timbre parameter thus making the digital noise even wilder.

3hp Eurorack noise module including timbre control (manual or CV input) for digital, white, pink and vlf (very low frequency) outputs.

Both analog and digital noise
Smooth randomized modulation source
Digital noise output includes CV out for timbre control
Approx 20mA
15mm deep

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