Moffenzeef Mini Sound Generator II Desktop Synth (MSG)

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Moffenzeef Mini Sound Generator II Desktop Synth (MSG)

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The Mini Sound Generator II, MSG II for short, is a compact drone generator with a remarkable sound repertoire. The little bugger can handle eight different types of synthesis. You’ll find FM-, AM-, hard sync and phase distortion algorithms as well as wavetable, detune and glitch programs. In use, the MSG II shines with powerful Lo-Fi sound. One second, it emits wafting sound carpets. The next, the instrument produces complex, aggressive results or insane glitches.

The Mini Sound Generator II is a digital instrument offering eight synthesis algorithms. You can choose between all the programs via a potentiometer. Two additional knobs and a switch are used for sound manipulation. The control elements’ functions vary depending on the algorithm chosen. Furthermore, there is a volume potentiometer and an on / off switch. The synthesizer can be powered via a wall wart or a 9 V battery.

The MSG II contains the following synthesis algorithms:

FM: A triangle oscillator modulating the pitch of another.
AM: A triangle oscillator modulating the volume of another.
Detuned triangles: Two triangle waves with spreadable pitch.
Detuned saws: Two saw waves with spreadable pitch.
Phase distortion: One triangle oscillator, shapeable via phase distortion.
Wavetable: A combination of 16 wavetables.
Glitch: Does weird noises.

The MSG II comes without an external power supply.

Audio output
Input for 9 V DC power supply. (Polarity: Tip = negative, Ring = positive)

12 x 6 x 4 centimeters


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