Moffenzeef Moffenmix Eurorack Mixer/Distortion Module

Moffenzeef Moffenmix Eurorack Mixer/Distortion Module

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Eurorack Mixer and Distortion

Moffenmix is a four channel audio mixer with some extra sauce. Each of the four channels has independent gain with a three position switch to determine max gain range (low, medium, high). Low gain will make each channel unity gain at minimum and 2x gain at max. Medium gain will boost each channel x5 which can either be used as a line level audio to modular signal boost or a mild distortion. Finally, high gain is a x100 gain circuit meant to completely blow out the signal and be used as an obnoxious overdrive. There are no clipping diodes in the signal path so you can make things really scream at full gain! After the gain stages, each channel has its own mute switch and volume knob. The Link input is a unity gain input into the master output. This input can be used to daisy chain multiple moffenmix or other mixer modules together. It can also be used as an additional channel input. Gone are the days of quiet-as-a-mouse hats, shrimpy snares, and snooze inducing kicks. CRANKKKK YERRRR MIXXXX Toooo THHAAA MAXXXXX!!!!!!!!

NoTE: this mixer has bleed at some settings due to the nature of working with super high gain, the high frequency content our modules produce, and overall shitty engineering practices. If you’re offended by this type of behavior I recommend purchasing someone else’s module. This module was designed with the intention of blowing out drum tracks and slamming them into a mono output with loads of character and charm.

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