Moffenzeef Muskrat Eurorack Wavetable Drum Module

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MUSKRAT is a flexible, 8-bit wavetable drum synth. There are 23 onboard wavetables to choose from, either manually or via bipolar CV input. Pitch and phase distortion also include bipolar CV inputs and accept -5v to +5v. The 'Trigger' input is designed without input conditioning and picks up signals of all varieties. In other words, it's an envelope follower circuit. You can plug an external CV or offset into this input and it will operate like a regular VCA. For even more extreme sound mangling, engage the MUSKRAT mode via the switch to feed a random number into the phase accumulator at the internal clock rate. This mode also includes a gate input that acts as an 'accent'.

The Muskrat was inspired by the MSG: a small desktop breakout of the oscillator core from the Muskrat. The MSG was designed as a prototyping platform to play with code on the Attiny85 while going through hardware revisions on the Muskrat. The MSG was born out of a fascination with trying to push a relatively simple piece of technology to its maximum sonic potential. Naturally, playing with the MSG featured experiments with a few different synthesis techniques. The Muskrat firmware is believed to be the coolest culmination of the different experiments. To bring the circuit into Eurorack, it seemed natural to add bipolar CV control over the different parameters. To fully utilize the intricacies of the different parameters it makes sense to make the pots attenuators rather than offsets to allow for dialled in modulation over small ranges. As with all Moffenzeef modules it turned into something that could be utilized for drum synthesis, hence the trigger and decay circuit.

Basically, pick a kraptastique wave, change the pitch, mangle the hell out of it, feed the rodent, BANG! it; you've caught yourself a Muskrat. WARNING: if you feed the rodent, it's brain goes into a fiery frenzy and spits out glitch after glitch of holy bleepbloopness. If you yank on its tail it'll shriek a lil' longer, especially if you're pulling it at long range. Beware, once you let this critter out of the cage it will want to nest so BANG! it on the head!

- Width: 10HP
- Mounting depth: 20mm
- Current draw: 55ma +12v / 20ma -12v / 0ma 5v
- Input impedance: 100kw
- Output impedance: 1kw
- 8bit 8khz audio resolution
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