Motas Synth Motas 6 Desktop Analogue Synth w/ CV/Gate (White)

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Motas Synth Motas 6 Desktop Analogue Synth w/ CV/Gate (White)

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Fully-featured analogue monophonic synthesizer with powerful digital control and a super-flexible independent modulation architecture.

Motas-6 has tons of modulation. There is no 'modulation matrix' - instead EVERY rotary knob parameter has its own powerful EG and LFO as well as individual amount settings from several global modulation sources. That's a total of 37 EGs and 37 LFOs.

There are 3 VCOs, noise source, 3 VCFs, 500 patch memories, arpeggiator, pattern sequencer, CV/gate inputs, USB MIDI, free DAW plugin software … and lots more!

Motas-6 is a powerful and flexible analogue mono-synth with digital control. It has three voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) including hard-sync options, analogue phase-modulation and a sub-oscillator. Each VCO has several waveforms that can be freely mixed and modulated and each VCO can be assigned to track notes in various ways for paraphonic playing.

Motas-6 has a super-flexible modulation architecture: each and every rotary knob parameter has independent modulation settings from key, velocity, 4 modulation sources (from MIDI and CV/gate inputs) as well as from its own EG (Envelope Generator) and LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) - a total of 33 independent EGs and LFOs! There are also 4 global EGs and 4 global LFOs with individual amount settings for each parameter

There is a 6-pole voltage-controlled low-pass filter (VCF) with adjustable resonance to self-oscillation (with selectable 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-pole outputs), a 2-pole high-pass voltage-controlled filter and a second 4-pole resonant low-pass VCF (similar in design to that of a certain silver box from the '80s). The inputs and outputs of the filters can be connected together in various ways to give a huge range of filtering possibilities.

Audio monitoring options include real-time oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, volume level and MIDI input monitor displayed on the fast and bright OLED display.


  • Sound generation: Fully analogue audio signal path: VCOs, VCFs, VCAs. Digital control: EGs, LFOs and modulation.
  • Dimensions: 408 mm (w) x 218 mm (d) x 58 mm (h)
  • Weight: Approx. 3kg
  • Construction: Stainless steel and aluminium chassis. Top panel finish stainless steel (with anti-smudge coating) or white painted. Solid oak end-cheeks and rubber feet
  • Analogue controls: 34 rotary potentiometers with rubberised knobs
  • Digital controls: 37 buttons + rotary encoder
  • Display: 128 x 64 pixel OLED graphic
  • Indicators: 44 LEDs indicating active parameter, active LFOs and EG signal, active patch, record mode, page lock and value lock
  • CV/gate: 4 CV/gate analogue inputs on 3.5mm mono sockets. Input impedance 22 kohm. Voltage range 0…12V max.
  • Audio input: Mono input on 6.35 mm (¼") phone socket
  • Audio outputs: Mono master and headphones on 6.35 mm (¼") phone sockets
  • MIDI: MIDI in and MIDI out on 5-pin DIN sockets
  • USB: USB MIDI on type-B connector, class-compliant device (no extra drivers needed)
  • Power: 12V DC 1A on 2.1 mm socket, power on switch

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Deserve much-much more attention.
Same for me great synth with tons off modulation possibility's there is a big risk you get lost in your own ideas luckily there is not much menu diving al in al it triggers your creativity like a big modular only now you can save your ideas.
oscillators and filters are more then okay.
I have bought also a second one because I love this synth.
Review by Bennie / (Posted on 17/04/2019)
Motas 6 All Out Analog Synthesiser
Enthusiastically opening the neat packaging the Motas 6 is shipped in I was surprised by the weight of this desktop synthesiser. There is a bit of heft to it compared to more commonly known synths of similar size. Proper juicy analog Oscillators and Filters - it sounds fantastic.
Super fast Pattern Patch Changing and Vector morphing you would be forgiven for thinking its multitimbral. Massive amounts of modulation possibilities..
Thanks to Jon for building such an inspired musical instrument and for his commitment in developing and improving the Motas 6 firmware.
Thanks also the for the great customer service from the guys at Signal Sounds.
I love mine - highly recommend Review by Mark / (Posted on 16/02/2019)

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