MOTU MIDI Express  XT 128 8x8 USB MIDI Interface

MOTU MIDI Express XT 128 8x8 USB MIDI Interface

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Advanced 8 x 8 Midi Interface

Check out MOTU's MIDI Express XT USB MIDI interface if you need loads of MIDI channels and a brimful of SMPTE. Backed up by the same innovative technology that powers the acclaimed MIDI Time Piece, the Express XT delivers the kind of top level of performance and fast speed you've always wanted in your MIDI rig. A combination of 8 inputs, 8 outputs, SMPTE read/write, and 128 MIDI channels gives you the power and flexibility you need for the most demanding applications. If you need ultimate control over your MIDI system, demand no less than the MOTU MIDI Express XT USB MIDI interface.

Ample I/O:
MOTU's MIDI Express XT gives you eight MIDI inputs and eight outputs to accommodate even the most complicated MIDI rigs. Thankfully, the easy to read front panel makes it simple to manage up to 128 MIDI channels.

MIDI merge matrix:
Use the MOTU MIDI Express XT's powerful merge matrix as a patchbay for ultimate control over your rig. The 8x8 merge matrix lets you connect any device to any other that's connected to the MIDI Express XT. Just connect all your MIDI gear to the MIDI Express XT, and change the routing on the fly. You can even program up to eight custom routing presets that can be recalled in an instant.

Timecode support:
MOTU's MIDI Express XT is also a pro-grade SMPTE time code synchronizer, in all frame formats. The MIDI Express XT also supports MIDI Machine Control, and can act as either a master or a slave to your other gear. The MOTU MIDI Express XT isn't simply a MIDI interface - it's a powerful control center for pro-level MIDI rigs.

MOTU MIDI Express XT USB MIDI Interface Features:
8-in/8-out MIDI patchbay/merger/synchronizer - ultimate MIDI control in a single rack unit
MIDI merge matrix makes it easy to connect and re-route your MIDI gear
SMPTE tape sync in all formats
Front panel presets for customizable convenience
128 MIDI channels
Supports Midi Machine Control transport messages
Pedal input for momentary foot switch, for hands-free control
Audio click input - converts audio click into MIDI data
Recalls setups via MIDI patch change
Includes software for Mac and Windows

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