Native Instruments Maschine Jam & Komplete 11 Select

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Native Instruments Maschine Jam & Komplete 11 Select

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Jam on it!


The Native Instruments Maschine Jam is an innovative new addition to the Maschine series, designed for production and live performances. You can create everything from drum patterns to melodic arrangements using the Maschine Jam's comprehensive controls and buttons. One of the most unique features is the new LED-guide Smart Strips which allow you to edit and shape your sound with optimal control. The 8x8 multi-colour click-pad matrix gives you the classic feel of drum pads with added functionality, allowing you to create everything from percussive loops to chords and sequences. Additionally, the Maschine Jam comes complete with Maschine 2 software, a 9 GB sound library and a free copy of Komplete 11 Select.

Perfect For Production & Performance

Native Instruments Maschine Jam combines modern innovations with classic functionality to produce this powerhouse of a production and performance system. The ergonomic layout ensures you have optimal access to all your controls and parameters, improving your workflow and performance value. The Maschine Jam will minimise the time you spend on the computer, giving everything you need right at your fingertips to both produce and perform live. Designed for integration, the Maschine Jam will work seamlessly with your favourite DAW as well as the Maschine and Komplete product ranges for added versatility. With its 8x8 multicolour click-pad matrix and new LED-guided Smart Strips you can control, play, edit and shape your sounds as your desire. Maschine Jam also features a new sequencing control development, allowing you to control Maschine Software much like you would a classic step sequencer. This sequencing approach provides simple, effective access to a wide range of fundamental controls for enhanced workflow and maximised productivity.

Intuitive Controls

The Maschine Jam features a comprehensive range of controls, buttons and parameters that allow you to take your productions and live performances to the next level. One of the most unique additions to the Maschine Jam is the LED-guided Smart Strips. The Smart strips act as XY pads and give you added control of tweakable sounds and parameters, for example, being able to make changes to automation live by swiping your finger down the strip. This gives you an added sense of interaction with your production, allowing you to physically shape sounds and input changes to automation in a new and innovative way. The 8x8 multi-colour click-pad matrix gives you everything you need to create drum patterns, melodies, chords and sequences with ease. The click-pads themselves are soft and rubberised for comfort and durability, with the same feel as classic drum pads. Use the 8x8 click-pad matrix for pattern jamming, note input and step-sequencing to achieve seamless integration and optimal control over your sounds and productions.

Design & Free Software

The Maschine Jam is compact and lightweight in its design, making it perfect for taking to the studio and to gigs. The multi-colour click-pad matrix allows you to organise your sounds with ease thanks to the built-in array of LED colours, as well as being ideal for low light environments such as studios and nightclubs. The controls and parameters have been meticulously selected and positioned, delivering an ergonomic configuration that lays everything out in an intuitive user interface. The Maschine Jam comes complete with free software including Maschine 2 and a 9GB sound library to get you started. Also included is Komplete 11 Select featuring 11 premium instrument and effects, totaling over 25GB in sounds. You can also choose two of the Maschine Expansions from the 20 available, free with hardware registration for existing Maschine 2 software owners. It also features support for external VST and includes mappings for Ableton Live and more. The Maschine Jam comes supplied with a stand that can be mounted to the hardware for improved ergonomics, or for live performance.


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