Polyend Anywhere Eurorack Portable Powerbank Module

Polyend Anywhere Eurorack Portable Powerbank Module

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Power your Eurorack case via USB Powerbank!

Polyend Anywhere makes it possible to run a defined eurorack setup powered from a portable USB power bank, completely free from a wall power outlet! Power bank of a let’s say 20,000mAh will power multiple modules for a few hours and true portability is achieved! Perfect for a walk in the woods or a session in a downtown park. If you seek musical inspiration in places far from any power grid, you’re all set now.

Width: 4HP.
Powers +12V/+5V/-12V.
Max. output current: 1A for 12VDC, 1A for -12V.
+5VDC dependent upon the power bank performance.
Ribbon cable with ten outputs included.
High quality USB cable included.

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