Roland 530 Eurorack Dual VCA Module (SYS-530)

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Roland 530 Eurorack Dual VCA Module (SYS-530)

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The Roland System-500 530 Dual VCA is a based on the iconic System-100m synth and is comprised of two high performance, voltage controlled amplifiers which via the entirely analog signal path control the loudness of the audio signal. Each channel features three audio input faders, three CV input faders and switchable linear or exponential response modes to offer dynamic versatility and integration into any existing synth set up.

  • Analog recreation of the iconic System 100m synth
  • Dual voltage controlled amplifiers
  • Linear and exponential response modes
  • Classic analog sound with a modern functionality
  • Three faders for audio input mixing per VCA
  • Three faders for VC input mixing per VCA
  • Rackmountable (Eurorack) design
  • Built in the USA
  • Amplifiers: 2 x Voltage Controlled
  • Response Modes: Linear and Exponential
  • Inputs:
    • 6 x Signal In
    • 6 x MOD In
    • 2 x SUM
  • Outputs: 2 x OUT
  • Rotary Controls: 2
  • Switches: 2
  • Faders: 6 x Audio Input Mixing (3 Per VCA), 6 x VC Input Mixing (3 Per VCA)
  • Finish: Black


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