Sensel Gaming Overlay (Sensel Morph)

Sensel Gaming Overlay (Sensel Morph)

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Sensel Morph Gaming Overlay

Remember all the times when you'd press harder on the game controller buttons hoping it would make you go faster? We do. In fact, those moments were at the top of our minds when we were creating the Gaming Overlay. Now, you can use pressure, gestures, and the simple layout of the device to beat your opponent and add that extra missing dynamic to your gaming.

*This overlay is designed to be used with the Sensel Morph. So if you don't already own a Morph, pick up the Morph with Gaming Overlay.

The Gaming Overlay acts as a USB game controller, so it is compatible with anything a standard gamepad is. While most devices support this standard, not every game does, so you may need to use emulation software for some games.

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