Studio Electronics Quadnic Eurorack Oscillator Module

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Quad digital oscillator 

Their second collaboration with SpaceHardware, the Studio Electronics Quadnic is essentially a quad digital oscillator module that is capable of a variety of functions. Each oscillator features 64 selectable waveforms, 7 processing modes, and a 1V/Oct input. When in Unison Mode, users can play all four oscillators via the first CV input. In chord mode, all oscillators are detuned in accordance with the selected scale. Additionally, the module is non-programmable, meaning that it defaults to voice one when the system is powered down, forcing all editing to be done live!


Quad Digital Oscillator
64 waveforms per oscillator
7 different processing modes including Phase Distortion and Wave Sequencing
Each oscillator has a dedicated 1V/Oct input
Chord mode
Unison mode

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