Twisted Electrons Acid 8 MK2 Desktop Synth & Sequencer

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Acid8 is a fun and easy to use hybrid digital/analog acid machine controlled by a powerful step sequencer.

The heart of Acid8 is an 8-BIT oscillator that can be manipulated to the extreme. You have 16 waveforms to choose from and can even redraw your own! You can apply up to 5 dsp effects at once, invert bits of the digital signal for weird harmonics and effects, link the env mod to pitch for percussive sounds and more!

All signal beyond the oscillator is 100% analog offering a punchy VCA and gritty resonant low pass filter.

The built-in step sequencer has all the functionality you would expect from an acid machine and is very easy to use so you’ll be composing patterns effortlessly.

Edit, copy/paste & randomize patterns in real-time without having to stop the sequencer. 8 levels of swing are available to get your grooves going – swing and waveshape info are stored within the pattern!

7 knobs, 1 Rotary Encoder, 22 Buttons and 40 subtle white Leds with 2 levels of brightness.

16 waveforms (4 editable in software):
Rectangle: Prophet, Distorted, SID and Perfect Rectangle
Triangle: NES, Prophet, SID and 3-BIT Triangle
Saw: Prophet, TB-303, SID and 3-BIT Saw
Sine: Pure, Overtone Sine, Acoustic Guitar and Piano
Pulse-Width modulation


Bit Crushing & Sample Rate Reduction

Envelope Pitch Modulation

Bit invert effect

Slide effect with adjustable speed

Cutoff, Resonance and Envelope Modulation knobs

Accent with depth control knob

128 Patterns (1 to 16 steps in length)

5 Chains (up to 8 patterns)

Rest, Accent, Slide per step

Swing (8 levels)

Tap Tempo

Pattern Copy/Paste

Pattern randomizer

Sync via midi clock or 1/8″ jack

Real time pattern recording (REC MODE)
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