Twisted Electrons Crazy8 MIDI & CV/Gate Sequencer

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Sometimes You Search For Inspiration And Sometimes It Finds You.
Whether you want to sequence MIDI or analog synthesisers, Crazy8 is your trusty companion to handle all your sequencing needs! We have multiplied the power of the Acid8 step sequencer by 8, allowing for easy to set up crazy sequences and songs . With just a dash of randomness into the mix, it will help you create truly innovative melodies and lead lines. Play with polyrhythms. Improvise and be inspired.

Crazy8 features 1 Rotary Encoder, 22 Buttons and 86 subtle white LEDs with 2 levels of brightness to visualise 4 patterns at once!

8 Crazy Tracks

  • 4 Polyphonic MIDI tracks with chords: send on MIDI port 1
  • 4 Analog CV/Gate tracks: also send MIDI on MIDI port 2
  • Sync in and out
  • MIDI input for MIDI Clock, MIDI pattern “Feeding” and transposing
  • Independent length per pattern: up to 16 steps per pattern. Chain up to 8 patterns for 128 step patterns
  • Independent playback per track: Forward, backwards, pendulum and random
  • Independent rates per track: /4, /3, /2, x1, x2, x3, x4, x8
  • 8 Levels of Swing & 2 swing modes
  • Variable duty per pattern
  • Crazy effect per pattern: values 1-8 reduce probability of step, values 10 to 16 add musical improvisation based on the pattern’s content
  • Offset step playback per track
  • Transpose all tracks to any key with ease
  • SYSEX memory storing/recalling
  • MIDI real time pattern feeding
  • Sequence transpositions (key tracks)
  • No menus, no BS
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