Velectronic A-Envelope Eurorack Quad Envelope Module

Velectronic A-Envelope Eurorack Quad Envelope Module

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Four Channel Envelope Generator

A-envelope was created in its basis to help and simplify the patching in polyphonic configurations. As we all can imagine, bringing polyphony to modular is a pretty tough thing to do because a good bunch of reasons like, space, dedicated modules, a lot of boilerplate patching and more, and even if sometimes we would like to have an harmonic duet or a three or four notes chord, we end up looking for wacky "workarounds". Additionally, during the iterative ideation and creation process some other interesting ideas came up and we could not hold us back from adding them.

Of course and as usual, every one of us will imagine very different application depending on our own use-case.

A-envelope is basicaly a four channel ADSR envelope with the capability of associating these channels in groups. Each of the channels has also modulation capabilities up to audio rate frequencies for every of the parameters of the envelope. Additionaly supplies configurable begin and end of stage outputs to easily chain events to create complex movements.

Easy to use

The A-envelope despite it is a highly configurable and complete element, its user interface is been made for permorfing. Has LED monitors for every move.

A-envelope allows to define channel groups, that shares configuration. This capability makes possible to define polyphonic configurations on the go up to 4 voices, in a simple way.

Each channel allows to

Modulate every of the ADSR stages in time or shape (Exp, Lin, Log) independently.
Adjust the amount of modulation using the stage knobs when acting as attenuverters.
Controlling the duration of each stage from 0 to 20 seconds using the stage knobs.
Controlling the shape of attack, decay and release stages.
Controlling the level of the sustain stage.
Configure the input activation mode as Gate, Trigger or Re-Trigger.
Configure the channel in single, loop or auto-loop mode.
Configure the BEOS (Begin and/or End Of Stage) outputs for each stage.
Trigger the channel manually using the test button.
Loop & Auto Loop

If the Gate mode is activated, the envelope will be automatically relayed at the end while the input signal remains activated.

If the Trigger mode is activated, the envelope will automatically re-launch when it finishes after receiving a pulse. Receiving a new pulse will stop the loop.

User interface

The user interface is meant to give a fast and direct access to every feature.

Instant visualization of each channel group thru the scale indicators and LED arches.
Direct monitoring of the signal and BEOS outputs thru specific LEDs.
Pulse / Gate

Selection of the entries work mode.

Input Jacks

Selection of the entries work mode.

Input Buttons

Trigger / gate buttons for the envelope manual start

The power consumption it is been measured with all LEDs on.

The +5V jumper selected (Recommended)

+5v = 170 mA
+12v = 35 mA
-12v = 23 mA
The +12V jumper selected

+5v = 0 mA
+12v = 245 mA
-12v = 23 mA

Protection for human body model electrostatic discharge (ESD) of 2kV.
Power connector reverse protection.
Protection against power polarity inversion.
Working Temperature

Working ambient temperature from -20ºC to 70ºC.

The accuracy for all specified values is < 1%.

38mm depth from the back of the panel to the power connector, including the connector.

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