WMD C4RBN Eurorack State Variable Filter Module

WMD C4RBN Eurorack State Variable Filter Module

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Eurorack Filter Module

C4RBN (pronounced "Carbon") is a 4/2-Pole State Variable Filter with input saturation, output wavefolding, and more. It features a wide range of character from nice and clean filter sounds to screaming, squelchy, acidic mayhem.

C4RBN builds on WMD’s history with state-variable filters adding interface refinements and improved warm environment stability for live performance and beyond. A novel input saturation circuit plus the output wavefolder from WMD’s classic SYNCHRODYNE filter pair together to push the timbral flexibility to the next level. C4RBN is the building block to life in your eurorack.


3 independent 2 pole outputs for High Pass, Low Pass, and Bandpass
Inverting Attenuator (attenuverter) for FM allows for positive and negative CV control over the cutoff frequency
Independent 4 Pole output with switchable frequency response
Input Saturation with 3 switchable levels and CV input for additional fine control
PING circuit generates a fast decay envelope emulating the response of a vactrol
Output wavefolder for extra bite and screaming character
Resonance with self oscillation
Temperature compensated 1V/Oct tracking.
Performance focused control scheme allows for on-the-fly changes of filter types with intention

Size: 4hp

PCB height: 112mm

Depth: 38mm (with cables)

Power: +92mA, -82mA

Audio Input: 100k ohm impedance

20Vpp range

V/Oct Input: 82k ohm impedance

Temperature Compensated

CV Inputs: >100k ohm impedance

Filter Outputs: 1k ohm impedance

20Vpp range

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