WMD Micro Hadron Collider Eurorack Dual VCF Module

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WMD Micro Hadron Collider Eurorack Dual VCF Module

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The WMD Micro Hadron Collider dual VCF scientifically smashes two electron waves into oblivion at the speed of light, producing an audio frequency Higgs-Boson particle beam of harmonius analog physics equilibrium. Well...not really, but it does some other cool stuff.

In reality, the uHC is a very powerful dual VCF with an integrated mixer to pit the two sides against each other producing complex waveshapes and artfully sculpted timbres. The uHC incorporates versatile audio signal flow with intuitive CV control and normaling, creating a powerful filter without the need for complex patching.

The uHC is a dual state-variable VCF with all CV inputs of the first filter normaled to filter 2. The uHC can be used as a 4 pole filter, two independent 2 pole filters, or some combination in between. A voltage controlled mixer blends the two ouputs, providing another dimension of waveshaping. Filter 2 can use one of the following as its input: the output of Filter 1 (series), the input of Filter 1 (parallel) or it's own input (split). Voltage control of Frequency and Resonance is provided for each filter section. Signal paths for audio and CV are shown with arrows to speed up patching.

Current draw:

  • +12 Rail: 80-100mA up to 120mA with Audio Expansion Module 
  • -12 Rail: 70-85mA up to 110mA with Audio Expansion Module 
  • All inputs are 100k impedance. All outputs are 1k impedance

The uHC is 16 HP wide and ships with four M3x6 mounting screws and a 16 to 10 pin power cable. Please install the cable with the red stripe pointing towards -12V (usually down on your power supply, always down on the uHC).


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