WMD Quad Anti-Aliasing Filter Eurorack Module

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WMD Quad Anti-Aliasing Filter Eurorack Module

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The WMD Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF) was conceptualized as the first expansion for the Phase Displacement Oscillator.

It is designed to eliminate aliasing and stair-step distortion from the Digital to Analog converters. We opted to make this a seperate module because it is useful by itself as well as coupled with the PDO.

  • WMD 4-pole filters
  • Channel to Channel Freq +-0.5%
  • Switched Capacitor Design
  • Butterworth Response Curve
  • CV Input
  • Frequency Offset Knob
  • Clock Input/Output
  • Mix Output
  • Low-Frequency Limit Jumper
  • 4 HP
  • Great for Pre & Post Filtering

Other Notable Things

  • The QAAF is 4HP.
  • Current consumption is 35mA for the +12 rail; 35mA for the -12 rail.
  • The depth from the back of the panel is roughly 40mm.
  • The QAAF is warranted for 12 months after purchase.

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