WMD Synchrodyne Expander Eurorack Module

WMD Synchrodyne Expander Eurorack Module

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This is the WMD Synchrodyne Expand, we went a little crazy with it. But we figured that if you can grasp the original, you're the type that always wants to go deeper. So lets take this plunge together as we attempt to explain what it all means.

Synchrodyne Expand Concept
The Synchrodyne by itself is capable of a great deal, containing several modules in one, prepatched internally to create a vibrant range of sounds. It was difficult to cut many of the control capabilities from the Synchrodyne to keep it within the scope of an analog switched-capacitor filter module. The expand lets us bring many of the little nuances of the Synchrodyne to the patchable world.

It is designed to be powerful and extremely dynamic when minimally patched, but when patch cords start flying around to be open and experimental. You may also use many of the parts of the Synchrodyne and Expand separately in various parts of your patches. The open architecture allows it to do many jobs, even small ones.

Other Notable Things

  • The Synchrodyne Expand is 22 HP. Full width both modules is 36 HP. 
  • Current consumption is 90mA for the +12 rail; 80mA for the -12 rail.Total current consumption for both modules is +150mA, -130mA. 
  • The majority of the audio circuitry runs at +-5 volts and uses high-speed rail to rail opamps.
  • The depth from the back of the Synchrodyne is roughly 45mm with connectors. Expander is thinner than the Synchrodyne.

The Synchrodyne Expand is under warranty for 12 months after purchase.

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