WMD Triad Eurorack Expander Module (Arpitecht)

WMD Triad Eurorack Expander Module (Arpitecht)

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A companion module to the Arpitecht,Triad sends out three static voltages to be used with three oscillators in order to create chords underneath your Arpeggios. Triad connects to the back of the Arpitecht via included ribbon cable and will adhere to the scale and transpose information set by it's master.

Triad knob and CV input set different combinations so your chord can be completely unique, while still in key with your arpeggio. Inversion switch and CV input allow you to select three different chord voicings easily.


  • Expand module for the Arpitecht
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Any 3 note combination is available within your selected scale
  • "NEW" output sends a trigger signal each time a new chord is selected.


  • Size: 4HP
  • Connector: 20 pin ribbon cable

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