WMD Triple Bipolar VCA Eurorack Module (Silver)

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Intoducing the WMD Triple Bipolar VCA, the input side expansion for our Phase Displacement Oscillator. This module provides dedicated inverting/polarizing/bipolar amplitude modulating inputs normaled to the Phase Modulation inputs on the PDO.

A bipolar VCA is like a normal VCA when operated with positive control voltage. But when using a negative control voltage, the output will swing back through zero amplitude and the output will be inverted. This produces deeper modulation than a normal VCA.

The Triple Bipolar VCA is also designed to be used as a standalone module, it does not require the PDO to operate.


  • Three Bipolar VCAs
  • Normaling to PDO
  • Linear Response
  • Bipolar Attenuator for CV
  • Mix Output Sums All Three VCAs
  • Bi-color Signal LEDs
  • "-" Input for Mix Through Zero
  • Skiffable PCB Design
  • 8 HP
  • +80mA/-75mA Current Consumption

Other Notable Things

  • The Triple Bipolar VCA is 8HP.
  • Current consumption is 80mA for the +12 rail; 75mA for the -12 rail.
  • The depth from the back of the panel is roughly 25mm.
  • The TBVCA is warranted for 12 months after purchase.
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